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sunday sketch challenge from SC

Yesterday was a good day!  I actually scrapbooked for a while…and I decided to try out the Sunday Sketch from Studio Calico.  You can see their sketch below…and then my version…  
This is my son after getting his temps.  I used some random keys for the masking and I think the vintage cards are from October Afternoon. 
Next, I had a picture that I love of our dog, Chewy, waiting for his pancakes.  My husband started a weekly tradition of Pancake Saturdays….hubby gets up and makes pancakes and bacon, while I make the coffee…we all look forward to Saturday mornings, the 3 of us + Chewy…. 
For the masking, I used some hearts that I had cut out with my Cricut.
…Most of the supplies used came from Studio Calico monthly kits…and I love the fabric Thickers! 
Finally, I had a picture that I took of my new glasses.  On the day that I turned 40, I went to my first eye-exam and ended up needing bifocul reading glasses.  Welcome to the 40’s, lol. 

For this layout, I challenged myself to simply grab random supplies and use it. 

The brown strips I bought a  few years ago and it has sat in my stash forever. 

Below it I used a polka-dot tape, from the $1.99 bin at Archivers. 

The “details”, I had cut out using my Cricut. 

So, that’s all.  Feels good to have scrapped some layouts, using supplies on hand. 

Today’s the last day of summer break.  Where did Summer go? 

altered board game journal

My sister’s birthday is this week and so is her yearly birthday trip to Lakeside.  I had an old “Lakesideopoly” board game, (Lakeside version of Monopoly) and so I thought I would make her a journal for her trip! 
The sunshine is actually made from a wood self-adhesive embellishment. 
Most of the papers and embellishments were part of past Studio Calico monthly kits. 
Every trip to Lakeside, includes a trip to The Patio, where she buys a slice of her favorite Red Raspberry pie….so I included money for her afternoon “sweets”. 
I loved using the game property cards for some fun embellishments as well. 
She recently redecorated her home, so I know that she plans to spend time wandering through the shops looking for more home decor, so I included some fun-money for her shopping trips. 
…I loved this pin-up girl flair in her pink bathing suit… 
Do you have an extra board game laying around the house collecting dust? 

Make a fun mini album! 

where does time go?

I’m still around. 

I started a part-time job a few months ago and am having a hard time finding time for the things I love…like scrapbooking, blogging, exercising, shopping….all of those things that I once took for granted that I would have time for…those things that I never understood when someone would say “I don’t have time for that.” 

Now I understand.  Eeks.

(My son turned 16 this week.  Where has time gone?) 

little mini

Happy Belated National Scrapbooking Day! 

Incase you didn’t know, it was this past Saturday, lol. 

I am typically, not a ‘cat person’, but my sister had to put her 20 year old cat, “Mini”, to sleep at the end of last week.  She, of course, is going through a sad time right now. 

So, I did the only thing I know how. 

I scrapped. 

My mom gave me some pictures of the cat, from over the last 20 years, and I made a “mini album about Mini”. 

Some of the supplies used were from:  Dear Lizzy, Studio Calico, Maya Road, PapertreyInk, Cricut & more! 

Thanks for looking! 

pancake saturdays

The last 3 weeks, there’s been a new tradition on our home. 

Pancake Saturdays. 

My husband makes the pancakes.  (They are fabulous…thanks honey!!) 

I make the coffee. 

Even Chewy gets his own cute little mini pancakes. 

One certain family member, has yet to crawl out of bed for his….ahhh, the life of a teenager. 

my shopping trip (day 2)

BEST Out-of-Town Birthday Shopping Trip EVER! 

That was my day today. 

My husband & son took me out of town today. 

Not only that, but they took me to all of my favorite scrapbooking stores (Archivers & Michaels), Target, they let me pick lunch,(Chili’s which included FREE birthday dessert for me) and of course Starbucks. 

They not only took me to scrapbook stores, but followed me around endlessly, (and I do mean endlessly….even I was wiped out after Archivers) without complaining. 

It was wonderfulllllll. 

***I had previously posted about Starbucks new doughnuts and the fact that they are peanut-free.  If you look at their website, they do not list peanuts in the ingredients, nor do they list it on their allergen checklist, but to much disappointment, when double-checking in the store, the barista checked the package and they are ‘processed on shared equipment’.  Huge disappointment. 

***Chili’s Molten Lava Cake, although it doesn’t directly contain peanuts,  it is ‘made in a facility which also processes peanuts’.  Bummer. 

2 days till 40~ 

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day tomorrow!!! 

craftiness all around me (day 6)

This little post is dedicated to the craftiness all around me! 

By that, I mean, friends & family that have recently given me handmade birthday gifts!!

Above is a scrapbook that my mom made for me!  She has never scrapbooked, but she put together this album for my 40th, so that I can fill it in with many photos and embellishments from my party.  She even admitted that she could see how scrapbooking could be addicting!!!!  (yes!) 

Below, is, of course, homemade chocolate biscotti from my SIL!  I have blogged about her biscotti many times.  It is FABULOUS!  She even altered an oatmeal container to store it in!  Way to go, Jan!   

A few weeks ago, I tried to learn how to crochet little scrapbooking flowers…and failed miserably. 

So, (probably out of pity–just kidding), my MIL and my nephew’s wife, Meagan, made me gobs of those little cuties!!! 

Lisa, my amazingly creative scrapper friend, made me a little mini album out of used gift cards!!!!!!!!  She included pictures of us, family pics and of course, Starbucks stuff!  Look at the cute little coffee cup paperclips that she bought on Etsy!  She even gave me a few with my gift!!!! 
Amazing craftiness all around me….such an inspiration!  Thanks everyone!!!! 

6 days till 40!  It’s getting closer! 

whatta surprise! (day 9)


A surprise party…for me!??? 

Tonight my hubby, along with my son, parents, sister and in-laws, threw me a surprise party! 

For ME!  I couldn’t believe it! 

I had a wonderful evening.  Lots of family, and my best friend & her husband…lots of laughs…I had a great time. 

Above is a picture of my tiara & wand.  Don’t all princesses need one?  lol 

Thank you Kevin, I love you!

Thanks, Nick! I love you too!!
Above is a picture of my personalized M&M’s.  We are an M&M family.  There are ALWAYS M&M’s at any and all get-togethers.  My parents are big fans of ordering personalized ones.  These even had my baby picture on them!  Too cute. 
My party was done in my favorite color combination…green/brown/pink.  (It’s lovely to scrap too!) 

All details were thought out.  My favorite coffees were brewed.  I really appreciate all of the planning and time that went into it.  I am thankful for my family/friends that were willing to spend their Saturday evening with an old lady turning 40.  I am truly blessed. 

oh no, you're going to sing to me?'re still singing...

now the pressure of cutting the cake?!
I had a great time. 

I feel really loved & blessed. 

I am so thankful for my family and friends… 

(more pictures to come….)

(only 9 more days till I turn 40…maybe it will be ok after-all)