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{The Office}february friday fun facts finale


Today is the last in the series, February Friday Fun Facts.   

Our topic this week is “The Office”. 

  • John Krasinski and B.J. Novak went to high school together. They went to Newton South High School in Newton, MA and they both graduated in 1997.
  • Four of the main cast members are originally from Massachusetts: Steve Carell (Michael Scott), John Krasinski (Jim Halpert), B.J. Novak (Ryan Howard) & Mindy Kaling (Kelly Kapoor). Guest star Nancy Walls (Carol Stills), Steve Carell’s real-life wife, is also from Massachusetts.
  • Four of the regularly appearing secondary characters have the same first name as the actress or actor that plays her or him: Angela (Angela Kinsey), Oscar (Oscar Nuñez (I)), Phyllis (Phyllis Smith) and Creed (Creed Bratton).
  • Dwight has a “Froggy 101” bumper sticker on the filing cabinet next to his desk. Froggy 101 is the #1 rated country-western station in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the setting for the show. This bumper sticker can also be seen in the office of Michael’s boss at his short-lived night job at the telemarketing company.
  • Some of the video used in the opening theme song specifically the exterior shot of the building was taken by John Krasinski and his friends in their Jeep. John had just gotten the part and was coming out for shooting.
  • It is frequently mentioned that the characters Phyllis Lapin Vance and Michael Scott are the same age, having gone to high school together. In real life Phyllis Smith is 11 years older than Steve Carell.

(These facts found online, but not official.  Go here to visit The Office website!!) 

Below is a video of my absolute favorite few minutes of The Office…Jim & Pam’s wedding!!  Enjoy!!



february friday fun facts 3

Hello again. 

It’s Friday, and it’s still February, so that leads us to February Friday Fun Facts! 

This week’s topic is Coffee Facts

  • Coffee is a no-calorie drink
  • It takes about 45 coffee beans to make one shot of espresso
  • 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide, making it the most popular beverage
  • Sprinkle spent coffee grounds around the base of your garden plants and it will stop snails and slugs from munching them!
  • The US Navy used to serve alcoholic beverages on board ships.  However, when Admiral “Joe” Daniels became Chief of Naval Operations, he outlawed alcohol on board ships, except for very special occasions.  Coffee then became the drink of choice, hence the term “Cup of Joe”.
  • Bach wrote a coffee cantata in 1732
  • For reducing wrinkles and improving their skin, the Japanese have been known to bathe in coffee grounds fermented with pineapple pulp.
  • Coffee, as a world commodity, is second only to oil
  • Iced coffee in a can has been popular in Japan since 1945
  • Regular coffee drinkers have about one-third less asthma symptoms than those non-coffee drinkers. So says a Harvard researcher who studied 20,000 people.

february friday fun facts 2 (day 3)


Well, it’s time for February Friday Fun Facts!!!!!  (the crowd goes wild!!) 

This week’s category…..(drum roll please…..) 

1970!!!  Why?  Because that’s the year I was born!!!! 

1970 Fun Facts:

  • IBM introduced the floppy disk
  • the Beatles break up
  • also born in 1970, Andre Agassi, Mariah Carey, Matt Damon, Kelly Ripa, Tina Fey
  • Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl
  • TV hits: Mary Tyler Moore and the Partridge Family
  • a loaf of bread costs .24cents
  • average hourly wage: $3.23
  • average yearly income: $9,400
  • average monthly rent: $140.00
  • Cost of a gallon of gas: .36cents


february friday fun facts (day 10)

Well.  Something new to try. 

Every Friday in February, I will be posting random fun facts.   This week’s category is Me.   

Here are the fun facts for this week. 

Random Fun Facts about Me: 

  • I despise “Wizard of Oz” & “The Sound of Music”.
  • I have never flown…ever…
  • My husband & I have NEVER danced nor have we ever gone to a dance.
  • I don’t wear glasses…although, I’m almost 40 and I am pretty sure that these ‘old eyes of mine might need some help soon…lol…
  • I have never broken a bone. 
  • I haven’t had any pop in about 10 years. 
  • I am a TV addict.  I can’t stand silence in the house. 
  • I love doing laundry and despise cleaning bathrooms & floors.
  • I prefer to watch movies/DVDs/TV with the closed captions (subtitles) turned on.  I think that you catch more of what they are saying, when you are reading along with them.  Plus if everyone is asleep you can turn the TV down and still know what’s going on…lol…
  • I fear that I will have a heartache and often think that any sudden pain on my left side will be the death of me. 

So, those were 10 facts about me.  Not sure how fun or entertaining they were, but they are facts. 

Only 10 days till my birthday.  I am somewhat of a control freak.  My husband is planning all sorts of things and I have NO idea what they are.  ARGH.  He simply tells me the date & time and that’s all.  Not my usual routine.  I mean, how is a girl supposed to know what to wear if she has no idea where she is going, or who will be there?!?! 

10 more days.  I hope I survive.  LoL