big day.  

my hubby is home from chicago!!  (yippee)  he was there on business and we missed him greatly! 

he is aware of my love for starbucks and brought me back some goodies.  he even went to a ralph lauren outlet store and picked out a shirt for me there.  he is a good hubby.

it is sooooo good to have him back home. 

big day for another reason.  my son, wore a tie, dress shirt, dress pants—“the works” tonight for the first time.  yes, he’s obviously dressed up before, (khakis, nice shirt), but we’re talking a tie/pants/shoes/shirt all from the men’s department.  he looks so grown up!  he had a “winter concert” for band tonight.  he is a percussionist.  i was quite proud of him.  he’s really becoming a young gentleman.  hard to believe he’s 14…he’ll be driving next year.  time flies. 

God has reminded me this week what a blessing my family is to me.  they are a true gift from God and i thank Him for them.

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  1. It’s so cute when our husbands do things like that. 🙂 How sweet! My boys are 4 & 18m. I can’t imagine seeing them @ 14 or think of them driving. I don’t know if I want them to. LoL.

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