ok.  ok. 

so, i have a slight problem with resisting those cute mugs at starbucks. 

i know. 

i know! 

my cupboard is already overflowing…mugs and glasses pressed against the cupboard door…

hoping not to fall out once someone opens the door. 

i know already!! 

but i did it. 

i couldn’t resist. 

it had been a mug that i had seen before the holidays.  loved it.  wanted it. 

so cute with names of the special holiday drinks printed on it. 

nice and bright and cheery with it’s red inside. 

today, my hubby & son took me out-of-town shopping and there i saw it. 

sitting in the basket on the floor. 

shouting “here i am!  over here!  i’m even on sale!!!!!” 

well, that’s all it took. 

i reached in. 

scooped it up. 

held it in my cold little hands while i waited in line,

so proud to place it on the counter. 

as if it had been waiting for me. 

(it could have been my caffeine-induced stupor….2 venti (that means large for those anti-starbuck people)  non-fat caramel macchiatos BOTH with an extra shot of espresso….but that’s beside the point….) 

(extra fun shopping day!  Christmas money to spend at Archivers & Target!!!! soooo dangerous!!!!) 

hope your saturday was as fun and caffiene-filled as mine was!!!! 


4 comments on “yes, i bought another one”

  1. I have the exact same problem. I’m a total Starbucks-mug-aholic. I have tons of them and yet the other day I simply couldn’t resist their little sale shelf. I mean, come on! Starbucks & Christmas? Perfection.

  2. Hi Krista, a year ago I was blogging at cafemom.i.ph and now I have a new blog. I get so much inspiration from reading yours and perhaps because we have something in common: Starbucks,books, being a christian and scrapbooking. However,unlike you I don’t collect starbucks mugs but tumblers. I hope you dropped by at my new blog when you have time and keep it up!

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