that’s me.  using the poor man’s plastic surgery.  ha ha ha.

can’t believe it, but it’s been a year that i have been counting calories. 

i use .  i love it! 

my original goal was to lose about 15 pounds….as of now, i have lost almost 30!!! 

it keeps me accountable. 

it is easy using an online journal.  i opt to pay the $5 a month for additional options. 

i never felt like i was ‘missing out’ on my favorite sweets or starbucks….i would just figure those calories into my daily allowance. 

i also walk on the treadmill, (while lifting weights)….i try to do it daily, but occasionally miss a day here or there, (especially during the holidays).  online, you can even account for the amount of time exercised and how many calories are burned during that time. 

that’s all. 

just thought i would mention it.  it worked for me and i enjoy it. 

if you’ve made a new year’s resolution to get healthy and maybe lose weight, give it a try! 


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