so, my hubby bought me a new camera for my bday. 

(he’s been nagging me to actually use it.) 

i’m weird. 

when i receive a  gift, especially something large or detailed, i wait. 

and wait. 

and wait. 

i don’t use it right away. 

i will.  but, in my own time.  when i’m comfortable.  when i’m ready.  and i don’t want “people” watching me use it for the first time, or telling me how to do it.  (ha)  (stubborn??  me??) 

i take baby steps. 

the first day, i watched one of the dvd’s that came with it.  (yes, i am one of THOSE people). 

the second day, i took stuff out of the boxes, looked at it all, and charged the battery. 

TODAY, i turned it on and took a picture.  lol. 


using the photo that i took of us on my bday, (with my phone),

i scrapped a layout today….. 

so, i thought it would be my first “subject”. 

the pictures are only taken on automatic.  i only adjusted the flash. 


baby steps. 

ok.  new topic. 

i love this tool! 

i bought my first “distresser tool” last night. 


as you can see on the layout, i used it alot!!!! 

another new tool, these wonderful tweezers. 

they work perfectly picking up these adorable little pearl embellishments. 

well, that’s all.  hopefully, as i figure out this camera, (in my own time), the quality will improve!! 

happy tuesday! 


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  1. pics are looking good!! at least you will attempt new things…i’m so intimidated by new technology!! neat tool & love the layout!!

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