the dark side of monopoly. 

did you know there was a dark side? 

i see its evil side,



the 3 of us

try to play a nice, friendly game of


kevin kicks butt at monopoly.  (& enjoys his win) 

nick gets competitive and despises the fact that kevin is really good. 

i hate monopoly.  i never buy the right properties.  i save my money. 

so, i always lose.  BUT, i’m ok with that.  which sets me apart from those two. 

rarely do we even complete a full game, because someone gets mad and gives up….(generally, someone under the age of 15). 

so this is what i did in between taking my turn and being the banker.  i fiddled with my new camera and took pictures of the game board, (which also upset those under the age of 15). 

so, the game ended early.  of course. 

we are considering banning monopoly from our family game nights. 



4 comments on “the dark side”

  1. I’ve played Monopoly ONCE in my life. And I’ve only played it once because I got so annoyed I lost I thought I might damage the little board. ; ) I felt it was better for everyone if I opted out from then on.

    I’m much better with Scrabble or Scategories!

  2. Krista will only buy Boardwalk and Park Place and in 17 years I have never seen her own a house or hotel. She just bounces around the board paying out money. So cute. 😉

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