we took a sunday drive yesterday. 

with nick being sick all week, we had cabin fever. 

i took along my camera and took some shots along the way.  after all, it was a Picture Perfect Weekend. 

as soon as our car slowed down, these cows came to the fence. 

same with these 3 duck friends…as soon as we came to a stop at the side of the road, (along a canal), the ducks came waddling right up to our car door….too cute! 
as we waited in line at one of our favorite local ice cream parlors, chewy waited and watched… 
above is just a silly pic of me as we drove around…..  

and below is an edited pic that i took of a motorcycle as we waiting in line… 

i tried to follow a tutorial about making a photo look old….it’s not the best, but it was my first time….  

that’s all!  (at least all that i feel like uploading!) 

happy monday!  lol

4 comments on “ppw {part 2}”

  1. Cute pictures. Looks like you had fun out and about. Your motorcycle picture looks great! James Dean-ish. It cracks me up though. How much money do we all spend on old pictures trying to restore them to new looking? And here we are with tutorials to teach us how to make our new pics look old.

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