these are some of the beautiful eggs that my grandmother was known for making. 

she always had a craft space somewhere in her house.  a table full of embellishments that she would use for her eggs. 

the eggs are real, blown out, dyed and embellished. 

some of these date back to my birth in 1970, my wedding in 1992, my son’s birth, another one for me in 1974, even one with a picture of a cute white puppy that she had made when we got our dog, chewy. 

grandma would hand cut tiny little flowers or pictures off of greeting cards, magazine pages, or anywhere that she would see inspiration for an egg.  many of her friends or church-acquaintances would receive an egg from grandma, that had been personally made with them in mind. 

she was a truly crafty gal!  i miss her greatly!  i think from one crafty chic to another, she would have enjoyed my scrapbooks.  she did get to see some in my early days, but not since scrapbooking has grown into such a hobby! 

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  1. Those eggs are beautiful! My grandma was also crafty. She made football players out of yarn, glued ticket stubs on cigar boxes, and did lots of projects out of plastic canvas. I find myself thinking how much fun it would be to scrapbook with my grandma. She would have loved stamping and scrapping.

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