fabulous fun fact: my flip-flop faves ok. 

so, i have never been able to wear flip-flops….at least not comfortably. 

normal flip-flops drive me crazy! that little thing between my toe is just awful. 


i found these. 

my skecher flip-flops. 


yes, they are a bit more costly than your typical flip-flops…average around $32…unless they are on sale… 

but believe me 

they are TOTALLY worth it!!!!  

i bought the khaki & teal ones last year and wore them A LOT!  and they are still in fabulous shape! 

this year,

hello navy blue!!! 

but i still have my eyes on these adorable green ones–GREEN!!!! 

if you are looking for some comfortable flip-flops that will withstand the demands of summer–try these!!!! 

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