ok.  so, i am not good at editing photos. 

i know i have a lot to learn and i WANT to learn, but just haven’t figured it out yet. 


my amazing 14 year old son has it all figured out. 

here’s how the picture looked originally, (after being cropped)…(below)   

and here are some other ideas…  
the first one is my absolute favorite! 

it looks so vintage-like! 

the picture is from a small town near us, where my favorite ice-cream place is. 

as a special mother’s day treat, they took me there for supper.  as we were driving through town, we saw this old building that looked like a great backdrop for a picture….so…of course, i hopped out of the car and my sweet hubby snapped some pix. 

the one below is “old-school”…i think i love that one too!!!! 

we are still working on more, but that’s all i’ll post for now…..before you are bored with all of these pix of me. 

thanks for looking! hope you are having a lovely weekend. 


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