happy mother’s day! 

my guys spoiled me with all of my faves this weekend. 

friday, they had ordered my favorite cookie bouquet for me.  yum! 

saturday, they let me sleep in and then took me to my favorite ice cream place for supper.  yum! 

then today, my son had given me a MD card that he made for me along with a $20 bill (from his own pocket) so that i could go to starbucks today and get my favorite drink and snack.  yum! 

so, after church, before going to my parents’ house for lunch, they took me to starbucks….. 

i bought my favorite drink and an ooohhhhhhh soooooo yummy old-fashioned glazed cake donut. 


needless to say, by they time i remembered to snap a picture, i had eaten half of the donut already. 

ok.  so i’ll admit it, i had almost eaten half of the donut just walking to the car.  lol. 

(notice any scary similarities in all of my favorite gifts?  sugar???? yikes!) 

my hubby hid my MD card in the laundry room….i laughed and told him that it’s a good thing i like laundry….if he had hidden it near the toilet cleaner, it could have been another month before i found it.  lol!!!! 

i love them. 

i have been very blessed. 

we struggled with infertility before and after having Nick.  he is our only child and a true gift from God.  i am very thankful that God allowed me to be a mother. 

enjoy your day! 


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