made 2 graduation cards last night. 

they were for twins….i used their school colors….and since they are guys, i didn’t use ribbon or anything too frilly. 

i’ve always loved these cap & gown stickers…..they’re just too cute!!! 

the pictures aren’t too good…it was late and i had my cellphone handy and didn’t feel like getting my good camera. 

i helped serve at their graduation open house today.  it was great to see a few friends that were in town for graduations. 

after that i hit starbucks for a little ‘me time’.  lol 

next on the list of places to go today, 

i attended a wedding shower for my nephew’s soon-to-be wife. 

can’t believe he’s going to be getting married in a few months. 

one of my first “dates” with my hubby, (at the time boyfriend), was babysitting for him…he was a only a few months old and he spit peas all over us when we attempted to feed him… he’s almost 23 & getting hitched! 

i’m getting old.  yikes. 

hope you enjoyed your saturday…happy weekend!! 


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