welcome to the second edition of “summer snack review”!! 

today we are discussing Wendy’s new Frosty-cino 

here’s how it rated…scale of 1 to 5, (1 poor, 5 fabulous):

  • overall taste:  2 (i thought it tasted like any ol’ chocolate shake)
  • added goodies: 1 (a tad of whipped cream with a tiny drizzle of chocolate…not even close to the picture)
  • size/value: 2 (i think i paid around $2.49 for a small….) (only available in small or large) 
  • “coffee-ness”: 1 (i don’t remember even tasting hardly any coffee-flavor…bummer)
  • nutrition facts:  2 (390 calories / 10 grams of fat / 62 carbs / 52 grams of sugar)  i guess that’s not too bad as far as calories go…it is better than their other new item that we reviewed previously!

Over-all rating of Wendy’s Frosty-cino: 1.6

special note: according to Wendy’s site it does not list peanut products in the ingredients, so it should be safe for those with a peanut allergy (you may want to investigate further). 

have you tried one?  

did you like it? 

2 comments on “summer snack review {2}”

  1. Hey Krista! Love your blog. So excited to find the Scripture challenge blog link too. =) I have to agree with you on the frosty-cinos. I had one and it mostly tasted like a normal frosty and I think they actually got my order wrong because it had toffee in it unless they all are like that? Anyways. . .I still love a good frosty and ALWAYS love whip cream – esp. with drizzled chocolate! 😉 Have a great weekend!

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