i’ve been scrapping a little here & there. 

…between my son’s summer gym schedule, running errands, usual housework and enjoying our pool…. 

i have been wanting to scrap my blog for a while.  i was inspired by one of my scrapbooking magazines that showed a few blog-themed layouts.  i love how this turned out!  loooove using THICKERS, printed out my flair, hand-cut some clouds from scrap paper…used lots of 3D foam to make some of the embellishments ‘pop’…love the wood-grain brown paper for the background, (although it’s a little hard to see in the pictures). 

my son does not like to have his pictures posted…so i block his face…lol 

(it’s a good thing my mom didn’t have a “blog” when i was young.) 

our pool has been nothing but trouble this summer.  my wonderful husband has worked like crazy to get the parts that we needed and get it up and running.  he knows how much i love my pool.  thanks, honey  ; )

thanks for looking! 


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