it’s summer snack review {3}! 

today we are reviewing Biggby Coffee’s Mint Chip Freeze 

same rating as before, 1 poor, 5 fabulous:

  • overall taste:  5  (if you love mint chocolate chip ice cream–you will love this!) 
  • added goodies:  4  (this was loaded with chocolate pieces, a spoon would have been better than a straw towards the end and the whip cream was super…the drizzle of chocolate could have been a tad more, but can there ever be enough?) 
  • size/value:  3  (i think we paid around $4.50 for a tall–which is a small….pretty pricey…although it is good)
  • “coffee-ness”:  doesn’t apply to this drink 
  • nutrition facts:  2  ( 677 calories / 30 grams of fat / 92 carbs / 81 grams of sugar)  oh my gosh! 677 calories for a small!  good thing my husband & i split it!!!!!  yikes!!!!

Over-all rating of Biggby Coffee’s Mint Chip Freeze:  3.5 

special note:  i was NOT able to locate ingredients on the Biggby website, so if food allergies are a concern for you, please contact your local Biggby before trying the Mint Chip Freeze.

have you had one?  what did you think?  let me know! 

2 comments on “summer snack review {3}”

  1. WOW! That looks really good! Good thing Bigbys is across town!! lol Joshua says he would like to have one every day! 😆

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