yahoooo!  i hope you enjoyed your 4th of July weekend.  we did. 

i know it’s been a while since i’veposted anything.  blogging is always on my mind, but when i actually sit down with my laptop, the time seems to slip away as i spend time online….  oops! 

saturday, i started my day by participating in my first 5k!!!!!! 

….and it was surprisingly much easier than i ever expected! 

my parents and sister participated also….and thankfully my hubby & son came to cheer me on (& take pictures)! 

this is my parents as they headed for the finish line. 

they chose to run/walk it…my mom came in 3rd in her age category!  way to go mom!  (dad did great too, but i forget how he placed….and the website hasn’t posted the race results yet.)  yea-dad!! 

below is a pic of my sister & i as we headed for the finish line. i didn’t know where kevin & nick would be waiting for us…i knew they would be somewhere near the finish line so that they could take pictures.  my son has teased me all week about walking in the 5k….(i’m not so sure he thought i could do it!)….anyways, as we rounded the corner i could see them up on a small hill with the crowd.  my son broke into a huge smile when he saw us….i think he was relieved that i had made it….lol….and kev was snapping pictures….i tried not to look at them because i am sure i looked like a nut with a huge grin on my face, but it was a great feeling! 

this was something i wanted to do….kind of like when i signed up to take spinning classes this past winter. 

not necessarily because i needed to take the class, but because i needed to PROVE to myself that i could do it.  despite the fact that i will be turning 40 in seven months….

i am not a runner.  never have been.  i’m awkward and feel self-conscious just walking, let alone running!  my sister feels the same way….this was her first 5k also….we did really well!!!      

and i was really pleased with how well i felt doing it. 

i’vebeen walking on the treadmill, almost daily, for about 1 1/2years…so i guess it paid off….walking the 5k with my sister was a lot of fun!!! 

i’m even thinking about doing another one soooon! 

we also had a cook-out and enjoyed some delicious food & time with family.   also discovered that rock band is great fun for ALL of the family!  this is my mom!!!! 

we all took turns playing and singing. 

it was a great time for everyone. 

…i hope you had a great long weekend too…. 


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