whew! whatta weekend. 

i spent one night/2 days in Columbus with my mom & sister for a “girls’ weekend”. 

by evening, i ended up with the stomach flu.  yikes.  stomach flu at a hotel?  not fun. 

anyways.  lots of good food was eaten (& since i haven’t felt like uploading my camera pix, these phone pix will have to do for now….lol) 

above was my choice of cheesecake when we ate at The Cheesecake Factory. 

this was called chocolate tuxedo cream cheesecake.  it was good.  i wouldn’t call it fabulous.  there were so many choices to chose from…i just picked and hoped for the best.   

also at The Cheesecake Factory, before i ate the cheesecake, i ate this salad. 

it was calleda b.l.t. salad.  not the best.

after a night of the stomach flu, i enjoyed a few sips of mint tea from starbucks.  i’ve never ordered tea from starbucks.  i’m usually a coffee girl.  but feeling under the weather, this tea was quite good. 
i’m a huge fan of soup.  later we went to Red Robin, (which i love), and i ordered this french onion soup with bread. 


i love french onion soup, (so does my hubby), and this one was fantastic!  (even on a weak stomach) 

so, for now, that’s all i have to sum up my weekend away.  lots of good food.  hope your weekend was a tasty treat too!!! 

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