while cleaning my scraproom, (yes, still cleaning), last night,

i found this piece of plastic. 

it was actually packaging to something that i had bought, but to me, it looked like a bookmark! 

so, within a few minutes, that’s what i made it! 

i simply applied a piece of woodgrain box tape, some words made with my label-maker, a cute little owl, rounded the corners, punched a hole and added some ribbon!  you can’t see it very well in this picture, but the ribbon is actually a clear rubbery ribbon with owls printed on it—it matched perfectly! 

on the back, you could see the woodgrain from the front, so i simply added a ‘k’ and that was it! 

just a few minutes, some items i had in my stash, and a recycled piece of plastic becomes an ‘up-cycled’ bookmark!!! 


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