when i awoke this morning and stumbled out into the cold to take the dog out, i was happily surprised to find a light dusting of snow.  there is nothing better than looking out the window and seeing a clean slate…white–crisp–clean…..SNOW!  i really do love it.  whatta good start to my day….
later this morning, i found our dog, chewy, enjoying his morning nap…those legs up in the air are just too cute.  from the looks of this, he must be having a good day too!
then, i was in the kitchen preparing to start dinner and my sweetheart of a hubby called and suggested that he pick-up Applebee’s on his way home from work.  no cooking supper!  this is a gooood day!!!

2 comments on “a good day…”

  1. Hi there!
    We had some snow here in Tennessee too! I just posted some pictures from our Snow Day. We got a couple of inches…school was closed.
    Your dog is cute! Don’t you just love pets!! We have that same Spiderman blanket too. My boys are Spiderman fanatics!!

    Jennifer 😀

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