I am having so much fun working on my December Daily 2009!!! 

This year, I am going with a vintage snow theme…..I am making some embellishments for it. 

Here are some tips! 

  • Using my Cricut Expression, Accent Essentials cartridge, I cut out a bunch of different sizes of snowflakes and a few frames. 
  • Sometimes, especially on the tiny shapes, the little pieces don’t all come out, so I like to use my needle to push out the little pieces. 

Now, I am usually NOT a glitter person.  I don’t like the mess.  But I am looooooving this Martha Stewart Coarse Crystals!!!  I think that it looks snowy.  I also like the Coarse Crystals because I think it adds a vintage feel to the embellishments. 

  • Once the shapes have been cut out and extra pieces removed, using a glue with a nice tip, I simply trace the areas that I want to apply the crystals. 
  • It’s convenient using this little tray to catch all of the extra glitter, then it can be funnelled back into the bottle. 
  • I also discovered, that when you are holding your paper shape in your left hand, the Martha Stewart bottles are FANTASTIC because they have a FLIP-TOP LID!  Hello, you can do that with ONE hand!!!!  I love that! 
So, those are just a few things that I have learned while working on my December Daily…SO much FUN!!!!! 

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  1. I think I might try to do the December Daily too this year!!! So I will be checking here for some great tips! When will you officially start it this year…I was thinking the day after Thanksgiving when I actually put up the Christmas decorations…who knows really…

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