These are just a few of my favorite days (pages) so far!! 

Above, I used an old piece of sheet music, misted it with Caramel Apple Mist, to make it look even older.  As a result, the edges always roll up from being damp.  I love that effect!!!  The Santa is a gift tag.  He fit perfectly with the theme of my December Daily. 

On day 3, the Santa is a 3D sticker that I placed inside a frame that I cut using my Cricut Expression. 

If you aren’t familiar with a December Daily, let me explain!  It is a Scrapbook/Journal made PRIOR to December.  The idea was created by Ali Edwards (she is amazing!).  You pre-make a page for each day of December.  That way, when the holidays are underway, and you are stressed by the hustle & bustle, it will be much easier to simply insert a picture from that day, or journal about it. 

Last year was my first time that I participated in creating a DD.  I made one mistake.  I tried to “scrapbook” each page ahead of time.  I used titles and themes for each page.  Yes, they were Christmas-themed, but it made it more difficult, because if the page was themed with “Christmas Lights” and I didn’t end up doing anything on that day of December that had anything to do with lights, then it seemed to mess up my page.  In other words, I detailed it TOO much when I made the page. 

SO, (if that makes sense), this year, I am attempting to remember the “less is more” theory.  That way, when it comes to that particular day of December, I will be able to title the page using what fits. 

If you’ve never tried it…give it a whirl!  You won’t be disappointed! 


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