My niece & nephew have spent the entire weekend with us.  In a house of 3 people, the youngest being 15, there aren’t too many things to entertain a 10 & 6 year old. 

EXCEPT for……. 

Craft supplies! 

Kate, the 10 y.o. made this cute purse.  For the most part, all by herself!  She came up with shape, handstitched the edges, (whipstitch, is what I call it), hemmed the flap, we added a snap for closure, a shoulder strap and a flower & button embellishment!  It’s quite a pretty bag! 

We’ve also strung many letter-beaded bracelets, hand embroidered hearts and lettering onto fabric, sketched, AND we’ve been to our local museum for the Annual Christmas Tree Festival, (which I have gone to for yeeeeaaarrrs), drove around to look at the Christmas lights, shopped for furniture, drank hot chocolate, watched Christmas movies and MORE!  (I’m going to need a vacation from my weekend…lol) 

Hoping to work on my December Daily later tonight/tomorrow….I will post pictures soon! 


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