The things we do for our hobbies.  (No, not hubbies.  Hobbies.)

I needed a tree branch.  Nothing large.  Just a small branch with little sprouts out to each side. 

So, I ventured into the cold. 

Old shoes? Check.

Scarf? Check.

Warm clothes? Check.

Coat? Check.

My goal.  Get the branch and get back into the warmth of the house. 

An easy task?  No.  We don’t really have any large trees.  ha.  The neighbors do.  Any other day, there would have been a wide variety of twigs and whatnot in our yard.  Not today. 

So, the poor little tree, (it’s about 7 years old), in our front yard had to sacrifice a cute little branch, for the sake of a craft. 

Sorry, no pix of the final project today.  I will post them tomorrow. 

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