Ok. Don’t laugh.  I like it. 

I had seen a post about making a tree out of a branch and so I thought I would try it. 

I wanted it to be my snowy tree that I can keep up in January. 

Other than braving the cold temps for a branch, it was rather simple. 

  • Find a branch.  Spray paint it.  Nothing perfect.  I chose white…to look cold & winterish. 
  • Once dry, I glued a piece of foam into my bucket.  I am sure that there are many ways to weight it down, but that’s what I chose.  Obviously, you won’t want to glue yours if your bucket is important to you.  (Mine was actually what a fruit basket came in…given to my husband @ work.  As soon as I saw it, I confiscated it.)  Anyways, once your branch is in place, you can decorate it however you wish. 
  • I used fluffy snow (called Buffalo snow) around the base.  Then placed a bird ornament that I gotten on sale after Christmas for $1.  The plastic glitter ornament was actually on a gift that I received LAST Christmas.  The turquoise snowflake is an embellishment that I cut on my Cricut & then glittered.  The ornaments I bought at Target.  I chose turquoise ribbon to hang them.  It felt vintage to me.  Looked snowy. 
  • Oh. I glued a ribbon around the bucket to cover up a Christmas decoration that was painted on it. Then I tied another piece of the same ribbon around the bucket and tied a bow.  This should probably be done before placing the branch in it….but I wasn’t thinking and did it afterwards. 

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