So, another thing that I have learned in my long 40 years, is that when the urge to clean/scrub/organize/pitch hits you, STOP whatever you are doing and follow that idea! 


Because that cleaning bug doesn’t bite often.  LOL. 

That is exactly what I did today!   

Original plan: grocery shop 

Sudden idea: scrub down kitchen, sort through & organize cupboards, pitch stuff that hasn’t been used in a while  (And bake while cleaning!) 

So, about 4 hours later, at least 3 garbage bags full, dishwashers 3rd load, a dozen eggs hard-boiled for hubby’s snacks, homemade granola finished, then homemade granola bars baked, supper made… 

It’s a good feeling to know all of that has been accomplished. 

My husband is happy too.   

He hates stuff hanging on the front of the fridge, and today our fridge is (almost) a clean slate. 

27 days till 40! 

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  1. hey Krista,

    can you share your homemade granola recipe? I am currently eating Kashi and love them because of the almonds, but would love to make my own.


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