It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Sorry about that. 

Anyways, with Easter on the way, I wanted to post a quick tutorial! 

Altered Egg Box

  • You will need one of these totally adorable boxes, available from  They are very durable and have crisp & clean corners.  Very easy to alter….and very inexpensive! 
  • Next pick out your color/paper theme.  I have been LOOOOOOVING the “Lush” line.  I chose the brown and vintage turquoise. 
  • Gather your supplies:  Your choice of adhesives,  (my most favorite adhesive for these types of projects are by Xyron 510….and a little bit of double-sided tape, if need be), paper cutter, punches or knife (for cutting egg-holes), ribbon, embellishments, stamps.  You will also need some plastic eggs and your choice of filling.   
  • I chose to fill my eggs with yummy Easter chocolates, although you could use anything you like.  (I would love to find WHITE plastic eggs, but have yet to find them anywhere).
  • Once the eggs are finished, the fun embellishing can begin! 
  • I love to use wire ribbon…it’s so easy to make pretty bows and twirl the ends!!

That’s it!!  Such a quick, easy project, that looks fantastic!!! 

What are you making for Easter? 

3 comments on “just hatched”

  1. I am so happy I was teamed up with you. Oh my goodness you have some awesome inspiration here.

    I know for sure I will be sending you a couple vintage Valentines. I bought them at an antique mall. I figured I could share the vintage love( i have been hoarding them).

    Cute little puppy a few posts down. My dd ( 14) adopted a little white dog at the shelter. When we adopted him they said he was a Bishon but our groomer says he is a Maltese.

    • Thank you! Ooooh the Valentines sound wonderful! (lol, I tend to hoard supplies too….I think it’s a scrapbooker’s sickness.) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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