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4 comments on “closer to the goal { wordless wednesday}”

  1. Ok Krista…How are you doing it??
    That is just WONDERFUL!!!
    I’m very proud of you!!!!!
    I have been working out for months and I am at a stand still.
    Can you share your secret??

  2. Hey Jenn, I commented on your blog, but I will mention it here also. my-calorie-counter.com works for me! In the beginning I calculated how many calories to eat – what I want to lose, so I stay below 1400 calories a day. I walk on the treadmill while carrying weights. (in the beginning, 20 minutes/ 1 1/2 lbs.) (then 30 min./3 lbs.) (now 50 min./5 lbs.). When I was “younger”, it was easy to stay in shape, but this seems to work for me at this stage of life. Entering each calorie may be a bother, but it works. I am planning on adding some other exercise to tone certain areas…..we’ll see how that works. Have a great day!! 😀

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