book-blog-6.jpgbook-blog-5.jpgbook-blog-4.jpgbook-blog-3.jpgbook-blog-2.jpgmeags-book-blog.jpgok. wow!  late night hours bring creativity!

it’s been a crazy week. 

working on the big garage sale at church, (what feels like non-stop).  needless to say, my time spent on housework has been little to none, not to mention numerous other projects that i should be doing, but haven’t even begun. 

BUT, i finally got to sit down and work on doing some ‘altered notebooks’.  somehow a little creative inspiration sprung through my veins.  (maybe it was the fact that i was alone….everyone else was in bed…..maybe it was the fact that i had free reign of the tv & discovered that two of my favorite shows were on from 11:30-1:00.  Seinfeld & The King of Queens.)  whatever is was, it just worked.  you know that feeling when you are working on a scrapbook layout and somehow, it just works??  the embellishments work, the color schemes match….it just worked! and that was a good thing!! 

i really would like to try to make some to list on Etsy, but this first one was a gift for someone.  i am so pleased with how it turned out, i thought i would add it my blog.  i hope you like it!  let me know what you think!  be kind, it’s my first!

2 comments on “scrappin’ @ 2am”

  1. WOW!!I love the colors!! I’d like to see it in person. I was thinking of doing a paper bag album for Michael with his camp pics. Keep Scrappin’!! 😛

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