just a quick note.  (can’t post my other pix of CPoint yet, camera still isn’t uploading…maybe tomorrow)….  these are delicious! i LOOOOOVE peanut butter and chocolate. 

unfortunately, my son has a severe peanut allergy….so, rarely do i eat PB…….he can’t touch it or eat it, so we usually don’t keep anything with peanuts in the house.

i don’t mind giving up my PB for him.  it’s a way of life for us.  has been, since we found out, when he was around 12 months old.

we have discovered this yummy alternative.   I.M.Healthy Soy Nut Butter. even comes in chunky!  

if i’m at home, i eat it everyday for lunch.  my family knows it as “my favorite bagel meal”.  which consists of a bagel with SNButter and locally made blueberry jam….and a cup of coffee….438 calories….for the whole meal…..  ooohh yyaaaa.  it’s fantastic!

go ahead. admit it.  what is your favorite thing to eat for lunch when you’re enjoying the comforts of home??


3 comments on “oh yaaaa–that’s my favorite!”

  1. ok – my favorite is to take tortilla chips, melt shredded cheddar cheese on them and then add some black bean and corn salsa. mmmm sometimes sourcream too. I admit i have no idea how many calories this is – good thing i don’t eat it a lot.

  2. Hey there Krista, cool site!!! Just got a few of your note from my blog, how interesting this internet thing is, we are so far away ( I assume) from each other and yet, up at the same time “talking” – yeah, there are good days and of course bad days when it comes to dealing with peanut allergy…. I am still new in compare to you, will need to good advise sometimes please…

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