(ok. still dealing with uploading photo problems….)  part 3 of CP pix.  last post about CP.  won’t bore you much longer. 


it made my day.  lousy, expensive, amusement park food, but ahhh there was starbucks.

totally surprised!  not even listed on their website or there map…..(?@?!?@ why do they not list it!?!?  are they crazy?)

a caramel macchiato in the morning and another one in the evening!  yum!  (in fact it was the main source of my nutrition for the day.) ha

ONLY bad part, they didn’t have frappuccinos, (sorry hubby), and the employees WERE MEAN!  not just rude.  not just a bad moment.  MEAN.  continually.  to everyone, including each other.

hope your weekend went well.

rained most of the afternoon/evening during our pool party, but it was still a good time visiting with family….splurging on yummy food, watching adults play Wii, and little ones try to race on Burnout Paradise.  some managed to swim before the rain set in…..and hubby grilled delicious chicken before the storms. 

good weekend?  leave a comment!


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