ok.  so, i had bought the cute little bottles of ‘flocking’ a week or two ago and had yet to try them.  was at the scrapbook store, and found these new double-sided adhesive stickers to use with the flocking or glitter.
i was a bit nervous, but soon was thrilled with how easy it was!

  • simply adhere the stickers, (i chose letters), to your paper
  • pour on some of the flocking, (i poured on a lot)
  • using your finger, rub in a circular motion, over the stickers
  • shake off excessive flocking material, (you can shake it onto another piece of paper, that way it is easy to dump back into the bottle)
  • and there you go! 
the pictures don’t do it justice.   it’s amazing how easy it was and whatta great fuzzy, 3-D effect!!!   give it a try! enjoy your weekend!

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