hello.   i hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July weekend!  ours has been totally enjoyable and relaxing!!!!   

a little visiting, eating, bike-riding, sunning, floating, reading, blog-surfing, and much of nothing!   fantastic!  

i thought i would share an easy fruity treat, that looks good too! 

Fruit Shish kabobs

  • i simply bought this “tub” or “bucket” at Meijer…on sale for $1.50…in the special summer plastic-ware section
  • bought fresh fruit: watermelon, grapes, pineapple–(my favorite), blueberries & strawberries
  • cut the watermelon into small slices and placed them into the bottom of the tub
  • cut asst. fruit into bite-size chunks
  • placed cut fruit on wood kabob sticks
  • stand the sticks up in bucket, sticking the end of the sticks in the watermelon for support and height

that’s it!  just a reminder of an easy healthy snack or side-dish.  in this bucket, it makes for an easy picnic or bbq treat!  (you could easily put ice in the bottom instead of watermelon.)   served with yogurt dip is tasty also!   

enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

2 comments on “fruity tuity treat”

  1. my niece made these at our last family party and all the kids went nuts over them. glad your having a relaxing weekend!!

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