i’m sorry, mcdonald’s.   i tried to like them.  really, i did.   

i even went in.  armed with my nutrition facts.  ready to experience a new mcdonald’s coffee.   

but, ugh.  it was no starbucks.

my vote: 

  • mcdonald’s iced non-fat mocha: tolerable, but over 200 calories.
  • mcdonald’s iced non-fat, sugar-free latte:  disgusting.  one sip & straight to the garbage.  whatta waste.

my one-true love: still starbucks, even for $4 drinks.

have you tried a McCafe Coffee?  leave a comment and let me know what you thought!!!

2 comments on “sorry, mcdonald’s, i tried”

  1. nasty. not to mention, that part of the starbucks’ charm is the atmosphere…..let’s face it, no matter how good the drink could be, it’s the same old mcdonald’s disgruntalled employees. 😐

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