sweet saturday morning.  yawn.  i haven’t even made it out of the bedroom yet, but it has been a sweet day so far.  let me explain.

S – my saturday began when i was sweetly woken up by my ever-sweet husband,  (ok, maybe i am getting too mushy, but he is sweet),  bringing me breakfast in bed…all of my favorites.  poptarts, milk & he even made coffee.  : )      

W – i have been laying here watching TV-Land…(ok, i admit it–i love the old shows, Leave it to Beaver, Andy Griffith, and my all time favorite, I Love Lucy) 

E – i even have my laptop here, which means i have been browsing the blogs all morning…(which is why it’s almost noon and i haven’t even showered yet.)  i have to admit, i am not a morning person….not even a tiny bit.  i am a pajama girl.

E – blog after blog i am realizing that everyone has a shop on Etsy.  i recently found out about Etsy and keep planning on setting up a shop there, but have yet to do it.  (which brings up my next plan…i am actually going to set some goals for things i would like to accomplish once school starts…i will blog about that later…)  there are a lot of amazingly creative and talented girls (women–i don’t know why, but even though i am 37, i have a hard time calling myself a woman…it sounds so old…i prefer to be girly) out there!!!  i am so inspired and encouraged by all of you!

T – to do.  i really have lots to do today.  it’s the last weekend of summer break…which is one huge reason why it’s sweet saturday.  tomorrow evening we are having some family over for an End of Summer party….so, i should be going to the grocery, baking, cleaning, etc. etc.  but here i sit.  just soaking up the day.

i hope all of you are having a sweet saturday too.  

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