good morning (afternoon) to you!  hope everyone had a fantastic labor day!  we did!  a day of family/food/fun.  bought ladderball.  (ever tried it?)  it’s a great backyard game for all ages.  had our own tournament.  my dad was the only one to endure the entire thing, and beat us all.  it was a lot of fun!!!!


you may remember last week, i asked you to pray for my friend staci.  she has breast cancer and had her first dose of chemo last thursday.  we’ve been praying and waiting to hear how it went. 

i received this update this morning:

Dear family & friends:

Staci had her first round of chemo along with a slight case of a sinus infection. Because of the sinus infection, they had to give her some type of extra medicine with her chemo and then give her an antibiotic. She had the chemo early afternoon Thursday and by the evening she was very sick and vomiting. This lasted most of the night and through Friday. She had to go back Friday afternoon to get the shot that goes to her bones to help keep the bone marrow counts up and help with infection. Since she was still getting sick, they prescribed yet another nausea medicine and by Friday evening, she was able to at least rest better. She has not been able to eat since Thursday morning and they are encouraging her to try to make herself eat. They said that with this shot they give her that for the next 2 or 3 days her bones and body will ache.

Everyday her mailbox has been full of cards and this is great. She enjoys reading them. Thank you all for sending her those cards. I enjoy seeing a smile on her face when she reads the funny ones. She just can’t believe when she opens the cards of all that have rememberd her.

A friend, Betsy Askins, sent books for the kids to read about “mommy having cancer”. I had the opportunity to sit with Kylie and Mason tonight and read one of them. When we read about mommy having cancer and having an operation, Kylie would say “that’s just like mommy”. But when we read the part about mommy going “bald”, she was not real sure of that. She wanted to know if we could go out tomorrow and buy mommy a wig so she wouldn’t look like a man. Pray that when Staci does lose her hair that Kylie will be able to handle this. She was pretty quiet after we talked about that so I know it’s laying heavy on her mind. Of course Mason said “me shave my head too”. Kylie said, “not me!”. Staci went to run her hand through her hair and already her hair started to come out a little. This is all happening way too fast.

As always – I ask you to continue to pray for Staci, Chad, Kylie and Mason. I appreciate the cards that have come in that are for Chad also. If any of you are “caregivers” you understand that usually all the attention goes to the one that is sick, not the one that is taking care of them and doing everything so I truly appreciate that you have included Chad on the cards.

Also, please remember my mother, Jeanette Bowers and mother-in-law, Dee Buchanan. This is very hard on them with Staci being their granddaughter and that they can’t be with her either.

In Christ’s love, Ann Buchanan

 As you go about your daily routine, maybe you could whisper a prayer or two for Staci and her family.  (thank you)

  • Dear God, When Staci is confronted with grief, uncertainty, fear, or pressure, remind her of your promise in Isaiah 41:10:  “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”  Amen
  • Dear Lord, You are Staci’s rock and her strength.  When she grows weary, let her turn her thoughts and her prayers to You.  When she is discouraged, restore her faith in You.  Let her always trust in Your promises, Lord, and let her draw strength from those promises and from Your unending love.  Amen

“My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever.”  Psalm 73:26

(-taken from “Praying the Scriptures for your Children”  and  “Prayers of a Godly Woman”)

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