dear starbucks,   

i knew we already had a special relationship, you & me,   

the daily visits, the longing, the desire, the addiction…  

you already had me in your little pocket and then…  

you sent me a card for a free breakfast.   

and how did you know?  

it was only yesterday that i mentioned your oatmeal-yumminess to my hubby,  

& saw your picture on the web.   thought you looked delicious.  

i can’t wait to give it a try.  

thank you sweet starbucks,

me, {sweetly addicted to you}

4 comments on “dear starbucks,”

  1. i think i got it because i registered one of my giftcards online….it’s supposed to be part of their rewards or something. the one at the college doesn’t serve it yet though….wonder if they do downtown?!?

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