ok. so, i’ve been missing-in-action….   for no particular reason.  

each time i would get ready to blog, i couldn’t think of anything to blog about.  argh. 

how boring must my life be?? 

here’s an update on my life, in a nutshell:

  • i think i just ruined a new purple shirt.  i washed it with the correct colors, (i’m very careful about that), but somehow, it got all-fuzzed up….hoping that once it dries, i can use a lint brush on it….i hate when that happens.  and have you ever noticed, that no piece of clothing gets ruined that you HATE?  it’s always something new and well-loved.  argh.
  • i have so many scrappy ideas bouncing around in my head & on my to-do list, yet never any discipline to sit down and do them.  that frustrates me.  argh.
  • love love love’n the cool crisp air this time of year
  • realizing i may be addicted to caffeine.  oh well.
  • the scale said that i gained a few pounds.  argh.  have lost almost 25 pounds since january….but somehow a few snuck back…..i will check again tomorrow.  hopefully they disappear during the night.  ha. argh.
  • anxiously awaiting to see what this month’s new release will be over at papertreyink.com  nichole gives a sneak peek on her blog….new releases come out on the 15th of each month.  yea!
  • meeting lisa for coffee tomorrow.  yippee!!!!
  • wondering why it’s so hard for women to find a good pair of jeans, that fit exactly like we want?!?!
  • i’m NOT busy watching anything about the elections.  shame on me.  i know i vote republican, no matter what they say in any debate.  call me stupid or naive or whatever.  but i hate political crap.  i’ll vote when it’s time….other than that, give me my regularly scheduled programs….
  • wondering what the economy “stuff” means to me personally.
  • i need to paint my toenails….but other than me, who really sees them during the winter?  yet, when i know they are painted, my feet FEEL more put-together.
  • in our family devotions last night, it suggested that every time we insult one-another, sarcastically, or otherwise, we should then compliment the person 5 times….my husband now owes me 9 more compliments.

well.  that’s it in a nutshell.  at least that’s all that i could ramble about tonight.  i subbed today for recess duty.  that’s always interesting.  ha.  but the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day, so i tried to enjoy it.  

enough about me.  hello stef.  thanks for reading my blog and noticing my absence!  have a great day!

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2 comments on “well, hello there”

  1. Wow! That was a big update. I think if i ever did find a pair of jeans that fit right (never happens – they need to make jeans for short fat people, not all fat people are 7 feet tall) i would probably somehow get bleach on them or somehow ruin them in the laundry. And my toes….ugh, but yeah, i am wearing socks and shoes who cares. Well hopefully you can finish your youth group lesson early and take advantage of this rainy day to do some scrappin! See ya tonight.

  2. I found your blog on CWO blogroll. I really have enjoyed it. You did make me LOL with all the Argh’s in this post…made me kinda think of a pirate. =] I totally understood why you said it though. Especially the part about your husband oweing you some compliments. 😛 Love your work, too.

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