well, first week of school–done!

I have been a bad blogger this week.  so caught up in Nick going back to school and trying to adjust to early mornings / school routine, that i just haven’t had much to say.  maybe ‘yawn’ would have summed up a lot of my thoughts.  i am so NOT a morning person.

nonetheless, it was a good week of school for Nick.  it would appear that he has some awesome teachers this year…a few which i am pretty sure are Christians, which is a huge +plus+.  once again, it seems that God has taken care of Nick and placed him with some great teachers.

we went to our high school football game tonight.  we have always had nephews in the marching band, so we go to the home games and watch them march…we don’t mind rooting for our school team  either, but this year is not looking promising….eeks.  i love football season.  there is a crispness in the air….it’s coming!!!…..Fall is on it’s way!  sweatshirts, leaves changing colors, cool days, holidays approaching–i love it all!!!  i am not a sports ‘watcher’, but if i had to choose, football would be my preference.  our family roots primarily for the Pittsburgh Steelers!! (go Ben!)  hopefully we won’t be disappointed this year.  my hubby and son also participate in Fantasy Football…..which adds a little intrigue to the whole football season. 

  • i am thankful today for answered prayers concerning the new school year and the teachers Nick has
  • i am thankful that we worship an awesome God that has blessed us with such beauties as the changing seasons

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