the day started out as any other school day…especially in our house…nick didn’t feel good.  now, if there’s one thing that frustrates me, as a mom, it’s the whole decision over whether a child is ‘ill enough’ to stay home from school.  as his father before him, nick would choose to stay home from school every single day, if given the opportunity, so a typical school morning often includes a list of symptoms, (a.k.a., reasons to stay home).  eeks.  it’s only day # 8 of the school-year and it’s started already.

aaannnyyways, after a lengthy debate, he stayed, i quickly changed gears in my head, (as moms can do so well)…instead of a day filled with running errands and meeting my mom for lunch…i took my pajama butt (sorry if that word offends you), back to bed–well, at least the couch.

once we finally awoke from our sleeping stupor, (amidst the many phone calls), (the same phone that never rings when i am up early)…..the sickie requested chicken noodle soup.  now, i do make great homemade chicken & noodles, but that’s not what we are talking about here.  simply a can of Meijer, chicken & noodle soup.  he loves it. after that little get-well lunch, i remembered that i had bought a package of Pillsbury Cinnamon Twists.…bless that little pudge-bellied Pillsbury doll…, i popped those into the oven, for an after lunch treat.  of course, with some delicious, ooey, gooey sweets you must have some hot coffee.  i thought it would be a great day to try a new flavor.  (+ i needed a little pick-me-up)  (rainy day, no make-up, lounge clothes.  you know the feeling girls, you need something to make you feel alive–so i turn to the usual–a cup’a caffeine) so anyways, i remembered that a new box of Gevalia French Vanilla coffee had been delivered a while back, and was hiding in the freezer, so i pulled it out in hopes that it would do the trick. without disappointment, it was delicious  (for you coffee lovers, you understand, even the smell of it brewing, the rich coffee aroma drifting around and my spirits are lifted).

now, the day wasn’t what i had planned on my ‘to-do list’, but i think that God often uses little things like this to speak to us, to slow us down so that we actually hear Him speaking.  yesterday, He reminded me that i have neglected my time with Him this summer.  (mental note: place Him first on my daily to-do’s)

i do appreciate days like this.  days that i am made to slow down.  i am content.  God has blessed me with the gift of being a stay-at-home mom, a comfortable home, a son, a hardworking husband.  and a God that never ignores me, even when i seem to have forgotten Him.

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