this was the theme for my december daily today.  we had a light dusting of snowflakes this morning, that continued most of the day.  it was beautiful.  there are tiny little puppy pawprints in the snow…..i also had my favorite coffee this morning, at least for home-brewing, from a local coffee shop “Jack Frost Java”….so that went along with the theme too.

i will post my first 2 days of my december daily in this post.  i am trying to use flickr….scroll down to the bottom of the right hand sidebar….it should automatically update once i have uploaded my pictures to the website…..that way you can check it whenever you want and see all that i have posted of my december daily journal. 


hope that made sense.

i am really enjoying this project!  you should give it a try!!

2 comments on “i {heart} jack frost”

  1. krista, i am so glad you are enjoying your special time of year! i know how you look forward to it!!! i am enjoying looking at all your creations!! i need to come over and see them in person. you’re quite inspiring!!!!

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