999471_10151706059102762_1319686845_nThanks for stopping by my blog.

Here’s a little introduction~

My name is krista.  I am almost 44, with a loving husband, Kevin (married for almost 22 years) and a wonderful son, Nick, who will soon be 20.  I’ve been a Christian since I was in first grade and I stand firm in that faith still today.

The past year has brought some changes in our life.  Chewy, (our well loved pet & family member for 14 years) passed away suddenly on Valentine’s Day 2013.  This sudden loss still haunts me at the most random times…such a loyal friend and constant companion, I miss him horribly.  Soon after his passing, God lead us to a caring breeder that brought into our family little Obi.  A tiny, rambunctious, ornery little Bichon puppy that we love and adore.  In the Spring, our son graduated from high school, and went to work full-time for himself developing Apps.  He is a blessing to me and we are so proud of the young man he has become.  Beyond our wildest dreams, the summer months found us suddenly moving into our dream home, which to this day overwhelms me with gratitude to God for His blessings.

In my spare time, my first love is papercrafts–primarily scrapbooking & cardmaking.  In the last few years, I have developed a true love or addiction for coffee, especially Starbucks.  My 2 guys have introduced me to the world of smart phones.  I never would have imagined that my cellphone would soon become permanently attached to my hand….along with my new iphone addiction came the love of instagram, facebook, twitter & pinterest.

I have been blogging off & on since 2007.  I wrestle with the desire to blog, yet my fear that I have nothing worth sharing.  So, here I am again…I hope you find just a morsel of something worth reading that maybe brings a smile to your face, a nod of understanding or a bit of encouragement to your day.

Say hello.  I would love to know you’re out there.


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4 comments on “About Me”

  1. Nothing blog worthy? Oh my! That is not true at all. Your life experiences are unique, a view of the Lord that no one else has. Your bichon Obi is the gift of a smile and a chuckle on a ho-hum day. Your art is beautiful and inspiring. You have a VOICE. Looking so forward to seeing the Lord develop this for you.

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