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sweets for the sweet

this is another bag that i made with my cricut. 

i made it for my dear SIL…she’s been going through some heartache right now. 

i played on the word “sweet”. 

i made the front flower embellishment stamping the words “sweets for the sweet”, 

included some hershey kisses, which are sweet… 

and i also put together some Bible verses that i hope will encourage her…sweet words & promises of God. 

sweets for the sweet! 


tea for YOU! gift bag

i am still learning things about my new cricut expression, but one thing is for sure, i love making these bags!!! 

this size is perfect for teabags. 

i stamped the center of the flower. 

first with the words “tea-hot chocolate-coffee”. 

then i stamped a mug over it. 

i also inked the edges of the flower, bag & tag and i misted the flower.  (i love that mist!!!) 

on the back of the bag, i stamped this ‘limited edition’ tag. 

inside, i placed about 6 teabags.  my sister has been sick and i thought some warm tea might cheer her up! 


{favorite drink} ATC

i made this for a {favorite drink} ATC swap over on sistv

my current favorite:  triple venti non-fat caramel macchiato (hot), with 1 less pump of syrup. 

the front of the card is a picture that i took a while back and edited. 

the back just has some of my favorite woodgrain box tape and a picture of me enjoying my favorite drink. 


wish i had one right now! 


dd 2008 finished!


finally finished my december daily 2008.  better late, than never, right? 

went to a crop last night, (thanks for coming, Stef…i would have been all alone without you!), 

my goal was to finish my DD 2008. 

i would have liked to have made them a little more detailed, more embellishments etc, but hey, at least i finished it! 

i have already bought my supplies for my DD 2009! 

if you want to see the layouts close up, visit my gallery at sistv


from disaster to dessert

we celebrated my dad’s birthday yesterday. 

my mom made his favorite cake….chocolate with cherry pie filling between the 2 layers of cake. 

we girls, (mom, sister & myself), were left to the decorating.  YIKES! 

first, the icing tips didn’t fit on the tube. 

so then, we tried the ‘icing in ziploc bag with tip sticking out the corner’… TWICE, the seam of the bag ripped and icing started to ooze out of the side. 

but my sister wouldn’t give up!  she somehow held the tip against the tube opening and somehow, she was able to squeeze out the icing….attempting to make the shape of a football.  (dad loves the Browns) 

anyways, despite the fact that decorating the cake was a disaster, by the time we cut the cake and piled it on our plates with homemade icecream, chocolate toppings and M&M’s… was delicious! 

sometimes the foods that LOOK the worst, taste the BEST! 


not ashamed

my dad’s birthday is today! 

as part of his gift, i made this for him to hang in his home office. 

  • “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ; for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” Romans 1:16

that is his favorite verse, and the colors are the same as his office. 

looking forward to celebrating with him tomorrow during the Steelers vs. Browns game.  he loves the Browns and we love the Steelers.