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welcome back

 starbucks1.jpg welcome back.

back to the world outside of our home.

my son & i haven’t left the house in 7 days.

ugh.  sickness has over-taken our home.  cough. cough. sniffle.

we actually are dressed in clothes (not pajama’s), hair is done, make-up on….and we made it out of the house, into the world “out there”.  even the dog came along for our car ride, (and to keep son company while i ran into the store etc.)…

as my parents used to say, we needed  “to get the stink blown off of us”.  or the germs. or both.

anyways, among the mundane tasks accomplished, getting gas, picking up homework, shipping ebay items, going to the bank, running into the store for a couple of items that we needed–of course, i forgot my list–which means, i forgot some of the main items i needed, drive thru taco bell for son’s lunch,


ahhhhhhhh, non-fat caramel macchiato.  i’ve missed you this week! 

welcome back.

sweet deal

happened to be wandering through Walmart today….(which i enjoy doing….even had my non-fat caramel macchiato to sip while i shopped)….anyways, stumbled across the Valentine stuff that was now 75% off!  found this set which included a Starbucks mug, 2 packs of hot cocoa, mini-marshmallows, and they were all inside 2 adorable boxes.

and i only paid around $2.50!!!!!!

whatta sweet deal.

happy valentine’s day! / thank you valentines!!

just wanted to say happy valentine’s day to my friends & family!  

Hubby–I love you–you are my forever sweetheart!  Happy Valentine’s Day!!  

Son–Happy Valentine’s Day!!! love, mom

 Philippians 1:3        “I thank my God every time I remember you.”
Afternoon Sugar High {my Valentine Gift}

ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy. 

just received a “special delivery” from my valentines, (hubby & son).

i didn’t think that these sugar cookies could get any better, but how about covering them in chocolate?!?!?

…to die for….

absolutely, unbelievably, incredibly delicious

here’s some pix

well, that’s all for now, my sugar coma is taking over.   hope all of you are having a SWEET valentine’s day!


i really hate to complain.

but, i hate rain.  i detest   loathe  despise  hate rain. 

it makes me feel blah.

it is february!  it should be a beautiful canvas of white snow.  not drizzle & fog.  won’t even start on the fact that it thunderstormed all night long, causing our beloved dog to go into a panic looking for a ‘safe’ spot to sleep.  (which lasted until just before the alarm went off).   yawn

my husband loves rain…so, to each his own.


on a happier note. 

my order from stampingbella came today! 

i can’t wait to sit down and use it…hopefully later tonight. 

also, met my friend, Lisa, today for lunch and coffee (and a bit of shopping). 

that gave me good reason to venture out into the drizzly messy weather.


OH & apparently, i just passed my 100th blog posting!!!! WOW!!!!  Can’t believe it!

when i started my blog, i figured that i would eventually lose interest.  but, i have become quite addicted to it! 

i am so inspired by other bloggers. those that i visit daily for a good read.

here are some good ones, just to name a few:

to those of you that actually read my blog–thanks for following along and allowing me to believe that i actually had something worth reading!!

more scrappy goodness

 finished my other page tuesday night after lisa left…pretty happy with it.  i’ve been trying to scrap myself occasionally.  as the “family photographer”, i usually don’t end up in too many pictures.
 this Starbucks emblem, i cut from a Starbucks gift bag. then, the glass/metal piece that i put over it, i actually bought at a garage sale.  i have no idea what they are supposed to be…but when i saw them amongst the vintage tools, i immediately thought “scrapbook embellishment”!!!!  it fit perfectly on this page.
 the picture is my all-time favorite mug from Starbucks!
 above my picture, i used descriptive word stickers…describing me…that drink is my favorite hot-weather drink: a java chip frappuccino.  {yum}
 this was just part of a flyer or whatever that i got at Starbucks during the Christmas season.  just snipped off the part that i wanted & attached some matching ribbon.  the newspaper article beside it announces that our local college now has a Starbucks kiosk….it’s small and isn’t open evenings or weekends, but it’s the only one we have, so i try not to complain!

caffeine {my addiction}

lisa came over today for a day of scrapbooking!  what fun!!!  (as i mentioned in an earlier post, of course, it included come caffeine–by way of–Starbucks and a healthy lunch–as in–Subway!)  annnnyyways!  i am so happy with how this first page turned out.  i thought i would share it with you!
the lighting isn’t the best, so it’s hard to get a true “appreciation” for the green (i love) paper.  the wording i cut out using lisa’s Cricut!!  an amazing tool!!  thanks for sharing, Lisa!!
i cut this cute embellishment off of a Starbucks cardboard cup cozy…i love how it just added a little extra.
saw this stamp at Meijer, actually, a while back and had to have it.  finally got to use it today…

so there you have it.  it was a little gloomy outside, but it was warm and scrappy inside.