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while cleaning my scraproom, (yes, still cleaning), last night,

i found this piece of plastic. 

it was actually packaging to something that i had bought, but to me, it looked like a bookmark! 

so, within a few minutes, that’s what i made it! 

i simply applied a piece of woodgrain box tape, some words made with my label-maker, a cute little owl, rounded the corners, punched a hole and added some ribbon!  you can’t see it very well in this picture, but the ribbon is actually a clear rubbery ribbon with owls printed on it—it matched perfectly! 

on the back, you could see the woodgrain from the front, so i simply added a ‘k’ and that was it! 

just a few minutes, some items i had in my stash, and a recycled piece of plastic becomes an ‘up-cycled’ bookmark!!! 


bits & pieces

my scrap room is outta control!! 

huge mess. 

just ask my DH, he’ll tell ya. 

so, i have begun to tear it apart,



purging (yikes, that’s hard to do),

cleaning, organizing… 

these are just a few pictures of some of my favorite spots in my scrap room. 

i need to make room for my new toy

i’ve only completed about 1/4 of the room…. 

i will post more pix as it gets completed… 

and some projects that i am looking forward to working on with my new cricut! 

TFL (thanks for looking!) 


my new toy

can’t believe it’s mine! 

i was holding out forever, while using another hand-held die cut system. 

but, i finally found such a great deal! 

my cricut expression…regular price $299, on sale for $202!!!! 

so, i sold some of my other scrap supplies, made some extra money subbing at the school…. 

and now i am playing with my new toy!!! 

i will post some of my new projects tomorrow!!! 

…gone to play…

world card making day

i have a list a mile long of cards that i need to make for people.  it just keeps accumulating week to week. 

with today being “World Card Making Day”,  i decided to make a few. 

i wanted them to be simple, yet pretty. 

i also wanted to use supplies that i have on hand.  i’ve been trying to do that more often.  i seem to buy way too much scrap supplies. 

for this project, i simply used a few sheets of coordinating paper, a sheet of kraft paper, (which i love), a few buttons, my glitter mist and a favorite punch. 

i didn’t put any type of sentiment on them yet.  i’m not sure which one i’m using for which person yet.  i figured i could either add a stamped sentiment later or use them as blank not cards. 

did you make a card today? 


{autumn greetings} color challenge

i scrapped this layout for a color challenge over on sistv. i never realized that you can put this widget into your blog and view the layouts!  very cool! 

with yesterday being the first day of autumn, i chose the fall color swatch for this challenge. 

the picture is actually a postcard that i got at our church garage sale. 

on this layout, i also tried using my sewing machine to stitch on paper.  a long time ago, i owned a mini sewing machine specifically for paper, and it was awful.  i hated using it.  so, i’ve been nervous about trying my regular machine.  but, i think you will see stitching on a lot more of my layouts! it was a lot of fun! 

i also tried another fun & easy technique that i saw in a magazine recently.  the chipboard arrow was a dingy color of brown, so i wrapped it with bright yellow thread to add more color and texture!  too easy!! 

all of this was stuff i had on hand.  i’ve been trying to use more of my stash…. 

i hope you are enjoying the first bits of fall. 

the women’s Bible study that i attend started today.  it was so good to see some faces that i haven’t seen since spring.  very excited to study God’s Word with these ladies! 

…but i’m no june cleaver…

“i love my family…but i’m no june cleaver” 

this is a continuation of my “altered vera bradley catalog” that i started a month or so ago.  i had fun turning it into an art journal/journal about me project.  i wanted to try different scrapping techniques….and yet journal about things like my faith, my feelings, my opinions. 

this double page layout is about the fact that yes, i love my family….yes, i enjoy cooking dinner, but yet….i’m no june cleaver.  i occasionally make poor priority choices, such as, maybe, blogging, when i should be cooking dinner.  LOL.

this next double layout is about the fact that people may say i’m an old fashion girl. 

i modge-podged some pictures of old shows/movies that i love. 

the journaling reads:

“I enjoy black & white movies and TV shows, probably because I prefer not to hear or see excessive swearing, violence or sex.  I appreciate manners and am shocked when people are rude.  I enjoy watching shows from times when the innocence of children were protected and marriage vows were treasured.  I guess that makes me an old-fashioned girl.” 

now, don’t get me wrong.  i don’t live in a bubble.  i’m not a prude.  i just think that on some things, it would be nice if we could take a step back in time… 


to the moon, alice!

well!  i’ve been a really bad blogger lately.  it’s been a whirlwind month of busy-ness. 

but it’s over!  so, life can return to normal. 

first off, i made these ATCs for a “moon & stars” ATC swap over on sistv

i’ve only seen the honeymooners a few times, but i love old black & white tv shows.  back when you didn’t have to worry about all of the sex and swearing on tv. 

i’m so happy that it’s friday! 



Matthew 24:6-8:

    “And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.  For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.”