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the dark side

the dark side of monopoly. 

did you know there was a dark side? 

i see its evil side,



the 3 of us

try to play a nice, friendly game of


kevin kicks butt at monopoly.  (& enjoys his win) 

nick gets competitive and despises the fact that kevin is really good. 

i hate monopoly.  i never buy the right properties.  i save my money. 

so, i always lose.  BUT, i’m ok with that.  which sets me apart from those two. 

rarely do we even complete a full game, because someone gets mad and gives up….(generally, someone under the age of 15). 

so this is what i did in between taking my turn and being the banker.  i fiddled with my new camera and took pictures of the game board, (which also upset those under the age of 15). 

so, the game ended early.  of course. 

we are considering banning monopoly from our family game nights. 



scrappy recap {sunday scrappin’}

  • totally-the-80s-upclose
    it’s been a scrappy week. 

    my sunday scrappin’:

    my to-da’s: 

    • (above) was a fun layout that i did this week.  i’ve had this picture sitting on my scrap-desk, begging to be scrapped.  the rainbow paper just screamed “80’s” to me.
    • (below), as posted here.  i love this layout!  it was a fun layout to do.  my best friend, always a joy to be around.  and of course, Starbucks!  all of the fun stickers & actual Starbucks items.  the layout just “worked”!  i love it when that happens.
    • also posted some older layouts this week, that i love looking back on. 

    my to-do’s: 

    • as usual, there are always cards to be made. 
    • projects waiting to be completed. 

    the challenge: 

    • i didn’t do the challenge this week, unless you include the circle Starbucks’ emblem.  lol.  it was my bday last sunday, so i forgot to check! 

    hope everyone’s weekend is going well. 

    still needing to clean my scrap-room, write/edit neighborhood newsletter, pay bills and catch up on laundry!  yikes!  when i would actually just like to snuggle down with my starbucks and sunday paper. 

    enjoy your day! 


baby steps


so, my hubby bought me a new camera for my bday. 

(he’s been nagging me to actually use it.) 

i’m weird. 

when i receive a  gift, especially something large or detailed, i wait. 

and wait. 

and wait. 

i don’t use it right away. 

i will.  but, in my own time.  when i’m comfortable.  when i’m ready.  and i don’t want “people” watching me use it for the first time, or telling me how to do it.  (ha)  (stubborn??  me??) 

i take baby steps. 

the first day, i watched one of the dvd’s that came with it.  (yes, i am one of THOSE people). 

the second day, i took stuff out of the boxes, looked at it all, and charged the battery. 

TODAY, i turned it on and took a picture.  lol. 


using the photo that i took of us on my bday, (with my phone),

i scrapped a layout today….. 

so, i thought it would be my first “subject”. 

the pictures are only taken on automatic.  i only adjusted the flash. 


baby steps. 

ok.  new topic. 

i love this tool! 

i bought my first “distresser tool” last night. 


as you can see on the layout, i used it alot!!!! 

another new tool, these wonderful tweezers. 

they work perfectly picking up these adorable little pearl embellishments. 

well, that’s all.  hopefully, as i figure out this camera, (in my own time), the quality will improve!! 

happy tuesday!