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just a glance

 ditl-blog-use.gif ok.  today i brought my camera with me and i took a bunch of pictures to use in scrapbooking:  “a day in the life of {just me}”.    these are just a glance at a few of them.

  • this is me, getting my coat on and checking the mirror by the front door, ready to go run errands…
  • obviously, a pic of my car keys.  i enjoy driving, especially with a starbucks in my cup holder and the radio set to my favorite Christian radio channel.  as a stay-at-home mom, i do a lot of driving…whether it be running errands, meeting a friend, picking up my son from school, going to Bible Study, shopping, or meeting my hubby for lunch…
  • a sign i love to see….knowing i am on campus and about to be sipping my drink of choice!  yum!  good morning, starbucks!
  • this is a ‘look’ i often get from our dog, chewy….he’s waiting patiently with his leash on, ready to go out.  (somehow, this is mainly my job)  so, i am sure that this process happens maaannny times during the typical day…..good thing he’s so cute!
  • my absolute favorite household chore–laundry!  really!  i do love it!  i love the smell of clean laundry, the empty hamper, the clean piles of folded laundry.  i love everything about it.  this is my favorite detergent and my favorite fabric softener.
  • my reflection in my laptop, doing what i enjoy…..checking my blog, browsing other blogs, reading my email and entering what i’ve eaten in my food/calorie journal, while curled up under our favorite Steelers blanket.

well, that’s just a glance of my daily life.  (as boring to you as it may seem, i am blessed to be a stay-at-home mom, no matter how monotonous the day may be.)

i need to finish documenting the remainder of my day, print my pictures, and scrap!  i will post the finished project in a day or two.

just mouse’n around

 mickey-card-1.gif my parents recently returned from vacationing in florida and brought back all sorts of goodies for us.  i happen to have some mickey scrappin stuff, so i made a quick thank you card. 
 mickey-card-2.gif used different sizes of scalloped circle punches, cute matching ribbon, 3D stickers and some quickutz rub-ons.
 mickey-card-3.gif …added this to the front of the envelope….more 3D stickers and quickutz rub-ons…
 mickey-card-4.gif …inside of card…another sticker…
 mickey-card-5.gif and this is the back of the envelope…a little more ribbon to add color and a metal rimmed sticker.

quick & easy & mousey cute!!

first sign of spring

 first-sign-of-spring-blog.gif happy first day of spring!!!

the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the snow is melting….(ignore the fact that the forecast is for 3 inches of snow by saturday night)…….

this was a pic from yesterday.

our local ice cream place opened for the summer.

 first-sign-of-spring-blog-2.gif nick wanted his traditional, blue raspberry slush.  yum!

our first sign of spring–summer is on it’s way!!!!

welcome back

 starbucks1.jpg welcome back.

back to the world outside of our home.

my son & i haven’t left the house in 7 days.

ugh.  sickness has over-taken our home.  cough. cough. sniffle.

we actually are dressed in clothes (not pajama’s), hair is done, make-up on….and we made it out of the house, into the world “out there”.  even the dog came along for our car ride, (and to keep son company while i ran into the store etc.)…

as my parents used to say, we needed  “to get the stink blown off of us”.  or the germs. or both.

anyways, among the mundane tasks accomplished, getting gas, picking up homework, shipping ebay items, going to the bank, running into the store for a couple of items that we needed–of course, i forgot my list–which means, i forgot some of the main items i needed, drive thru taco bell for son’s lunch,


ahhhhhhhh, non-fat caramel macchiato.  i’ve missed you this week! 

welcome back.

happy valentine’s day! / thank you valentines!!

just wanted to say happy valentine’s day to my friends & family!  

Hubby–I love you–you are my forever sweetheart!  Happy Valentine’s Day!!  

Son–Happy Valentine’s Day!!! love, mom

 Philippians 1:3        “I thank my God every time I remember you.”
Afternoon Sugar High {my Valentine Gift}

ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy. 

just received a “special delivery” from my valentines, (hubby & son).

i didn’t think that these sugar cookies could get any better, but how about covering them in chocolate?!?!?

…to die for….

absolutely, unbelievably, incredibly delicious

here’s some pix

well, that’s all for now, my sugar coma is taking over.   hope all of you are having a SWEET valentine’s day!

will rock 4 food

going to be heading to this will rock 4 food concert on thursday.  should be a lot of fun–great bands will be there!!!  like Family Force 5, Spoken, Falling Up, This Beautiful Republic.  checkout Family Force 5’s my space and you can take a listen to their great sound!  enjoy!!

know an unsaved teen?  take them to a Christian concert!  a great way to reach teens through music and sounds they enjoy.  (even this almost 38 yr. old mom enjoys them!!!)  i’m sure it will be a great concert!!


16 years married: {wedding: part 2}

wow.  16 years ago today, i was 21 (almost 22), and getting married to my high school sweetheart.  (not only high school, we actually “went out” in 6th grade too).  he has been my friend since i was about 5 years old.  he has been a true friend and blessing, for as long as i have known him.  he is a man of integrity.  he knows what he believes and stands up for it.  he loves with a faithfulness and a heart of gold that can only be given by God.  he thinks not of himself, but what’s best for us and our family.  he has stood by me through good times and bad.  he is a man of God with a sensitive spirit.  i love him and know that he is blessing sent to me by God and i thank God for him.   in today’s world, when marriages are ending and couples are abandoning their vows, we stand together, still.  i am very thankful that God is at the center of our marriage and can help us weather the storms together.
 “Love” by Petra  (sung at our wedding)love is patient, love is kind
no eyes of envy, true love is blind
love is humble, it knows no pride
no selfish motive hidden inside
love is gentle, makes no demands
despite all wrong, true live still stands
love is holy, love is pure
it lasts forever, it will endure

love knows when to let go
love knows when to say no
love grows in the light of the Son
and love shows the world that the Son of Love has come
love is loyal, believes the best
it loves the truth, love stands the test
love is God sent in His Son
love forgives all we have done
in this world where hatred seems to grow
true love goes against the flow
and becomes so hard to show
in this world where push turns to shove
we have strength to rise above
through the power of His love
Lord, we need to know the power of Your love



16 years married: {dating: part 1}

tomorrow, (february 1), is my 16th wedding anniversary.  just wanted to take a few minutes and flashback over the years.  we dated for 5 years prior to getting married.  that makes 21 years together….i am 37, so basically i hardly remember life “before kevin”.  when we were dating, our song was “Lady in Red”.  when i hear it my heart still does a little flip-flop.  here’s a picture of us at my “senior banquet”.  the year was 1988.  i attended a Christian school, so this was our version of prom, minus the dancing.  dig my big hair and his big glasses. ha  Happy Early Anniversary, hun! (forgive me for posting the pic!!!)