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more scrappy goodness

 finished my other page tuesday night after lisa left…pretty happy with it.  i’ve been trying to scrap myself occasionally.  as the “family photographer”, i usually don’t end up in too many pictures.
 this Starbucks emblem, i cut from a Starbucks gift bag. then, the glass/metal piece that i put over it, i actually bought at a garage sale.  i have no idea what they are supposed to be…but when i saw them amongst the vintage tools, i immediately thought “scrapbook embellishment”!!!!  it fit perfectly on this page.
 the picture is my all-time favorite mug from Starbucks!
 above my picture, i used descriptive word stickers…describing me…that drink is my favorite hot-weather drink: a java chip frappuccino.  {yum}
 this was just part of a flyer or whatever that i got at Starbucks during the Christmas season.  just snipped off the part that i wanted & attached some matching ribbon.  the newspaper article beside it announces that our local college now has a Starbucks kiosk….it’s small and isn’t open evenings or weekends, but it’s the only one we have, so i try not to complain!

caffeine {my addiction}

lisa came over today for a day of scrapbooking!  what fun!!!  (as i mentioned in an earlier post, of course, it included come caffeine–by way of–Starbucks and a healthy lunch–as in–Subway!)  annnnyyways!  i am so happy with how this first page turned out.  i thought i would share it with you!
the lighting isn’t the best, so it’s hard to get a true “appreciation” for the green (i love) paper.  the wording i cut out using lisa’s Cricut!!  an amazing tool!!  thanks for sharing, Lisa!!
i cut this cute embellishment off of a Starbucks cardboard cup cozy…i love how it just added a little extra.
saw this stamp at Meijer, actually, a while back and had to have it.  finally got to use it today…

so there you have it.  it was a little gloomy outside, but it was warm and scrappy inside.

old is now new

 after receiving my new green Bible yesterday, i decided i needed a green journal to match it!  all you need:

  1. 2 sheets of 12 x 12 paper or cardstock
  2. stamps, ribbon or embellishments
  3. an old notebook
  4. glue (for ribbon)
  5. double-sided tape (to attach the paper)
  6. paper cutter, scissors
  7. paper clip (for added cuteness)

it was that easy!  in less than 30 minutes, i had a journal to match my Bible!  what’s old is now new!

thank you elle’s studio!

 i know this is supposed to be “wordless wednesday”, but i wanted to pass along the info that goes with the picture!   i bought this fabulous calendar kit on Etsy.  it was a great deal for all that it included.  i can’t wait to be creative with it–i will definitely post the outcome, once it’s finished!  oh ya, i learned about this shop on Etsy, by reading her blog–Elle’s Studio. check it out!  she has a great blog–very creative.  she has even posted pictures of some of the finished calendar kits.  enjoy!