my first 5k

yahoooo!  i hope you enjoyed your 4th of July weekend.  we did. 

i know it’s been a while since i’veposted anything.  blogging is always on my mind, but when i actually sit down with my laptop, the time seems to slip away as i spend time online….  oops! 

saturday, i started my day by participating in my first 5k!!!!!! 

….and it was surprisingly much easier than i ever expected! 

my parents and sister participated also….and thankfully my hubby & son came to cheer me on (& take pictures)! 

this is my parents as they headed for the finish line. 

they chose to run/walk it…my mom came in 3rd in her age category!  way to go mom!  (dad did great too, but i forget how he placed….and the website hasn’t posted the race results yet.)  yea-dad!! 

below is a pic of my sister & i as we headed for the finish line. i didn’t know where kevin & nick would be waiting for us…i knew they would be somewhere near the finish line so that they could take pictures.  my son has teased me all week about walking in the 5k….(i’m not so sure he thought i could do it!)….anyways, as we rounded the corner i could see them up on a small hill with the crowd.  my son broke into a huge smile when he saw us….i think he was relieved that i had made it….lol….and kev was snapping pictures….i tried not to look at them because i am sure i looked like a nut with a huge grin on my face, but it was a great feeling! 

this was something i wanted to do….kind of like when i signed up to take spinning classes this past winter. 

not necessarily because i needed to take the class, but because i needed to PROVE to myself that i could do it.  despite the fact that i will be turning 40 in seven months….

i am not a runner.  never have been.  i’m awkward and feel self-conscious just walking, let alone running!  my sister feels the same way….this was her first 5k also….we did really well!!!      

and i was really pleased with how well i felt doing it. 

i’vebeen walking on the treadmill, almost daily, for about 1 1/2years…so i guess it paid off….walking the 5k with my sister was a lot of fun!!! 

i’m even thinking about doing another one soooon! 

we also had a cook-out and enjoyed some delicious food & time with family.   also discovered that rock band is great fun for ALL of the family!  this is my mom!!!! 

we all took turns playing and singing. 

it was a great time for everyone. 

…i hope you had a great long weekend too…. 


summer snack review {3}


it’s summer snack review {3}! 

today we are reviewing Biggby Coffee’s Mint Chip Freeze 

same rating as before, 1 poor, 5 fabulous:

  • overall taste:  5  (if you love mint chocolate chip ice cream–you will love this!) 
  • added goodies:  4  (this was loaded with chocolate pieces, a spoon would have been better than a straw towards the end and the whip cream was super…the drizzle of chocolate could have been a tad more, but can there ever be enough?) 
  • size/value:  3  (i think we paid around $4.50 for a tall–which is a small….pretty pricey…although it is good)
  • “coffee-ness”:  doesn’t apply to this drink 
  • nutrition facts:  2  ( 677 calories / 30 grams of fat / 92 carbs / 81 grams of sugar)  oh my gosh! 677 calories for a small!  good thing my husband & i split it!!!!!  yikes!!!!

Over-all rating of Biggby Coffee’s Mint Chip Freeze:  3.5 

special note:  i was NOT able to locate ingredients on the Biggby website, so if food allergies are a concern for you, please contact your local Biggby before trying the Mint Chip Freeze.

have you had one?  what did you think?  let me know! 

scrapsinbloom layout

i’ve been scrapping a little here & there. 

…between my son’s summer gym schedule, running errands, usual housework and enjoying our pool…. 

i have been wanting to scrap my blog for a while.  i was inspired by one of my scrapbooking magazines that showed a few blog-themed layouts.  i love how this turned out!  loooove using THICKERS, printed out my flair, hand-cut some clouds from scrap paper…used lots of 3D foam to make some of the embellishments ‘pop’…love the wood-grain brown paper for the background, (although it’s a little hard to see in the pictures). 

my son does not like to have his pictures posted…so i block his face…lol 

(it’s a good thing my mom didn’t have a “blog” when i was young.) 

our pool has been nothing but trouble this summer.  my wonderful husband has worked like crazy to get the parts that we needed and get it up and running.  he knows how much i love my pool.  thanks, honey  ; )

thanks for looking! 


lazy dayz of summer

i haven’t blogged for the last few days…it’s been busy around here. 

a few extra nephews hanging out around the house lately….nick loves the company! 

they have enjoyed a few activities….like bowling & swimming… 

if you have little ones and you like to bowl, try 

kids under 15 can bowl TWO games EVERY day of the summer!!!!  for FREEEEEEEEEEE, yes free!!!!

including free shoe rental!!! 

(and for $23 you can join the family plan for up to 4 adults, then they can bowl two games EVERY day of summer!!!!)


we finally opened our pool!! 

perfect timing….the temps have been in the upper 80’s… 

snapped a few pix and of course, i had fun editing them on! 

(notice the lack of people in the pool pictures??…took many pix, but 14 year olds do not want their pix posted on mom’s blog…lol) 

enjoy your weekend! 


it’s tuesday

it’s tuesday. 

that’s the only title that i could come up with. 


i had fun making this giftbag today. 

i used some Daisy Bucket paper….the “In The Meadow” line… i had bought a few sheets a week or two ago.  it caught my eye because it has some of my current favorite colors–teal, green & brown.  i love that color combo! 

i am really into making these layered button flowers right now.  anything goes!  there are many ways to do it….this one i just cut out different sizes of circles and layered them together, and stitched 2 coordinating buttons to the top of it!  ta-da!

of course the gift tag included a THICKER!!! 

thanks for stopping by! 


summer snack review {2}

welcome to the second edition of “summer snack review”!! 

today we are discussing Wendy’s new Frosty-cino 

here’s how it rated…scale of 1 to 5, (1 poor, 5 fabulous):

  • overall taste:  2 (i thought it tasted like any ol’ chocolate shake)
  • added goodies: 1 (a tad of whipped cream with a tiny drizzle of chocolate…not even close to the picture)
  • size/value: 2 (i think i paid around $2.49 for a small….) (only available in small or large) 
  • “coffee-ness”: 1 (i don’t remember even tasting hardly any coffee-flavor…bummer)
  • nutrition facts:  2 (390 calories / 10 grams of fat / 62 carbs / 52 grams of sugar)  i guess that’s not too bad as far as calories go…it is better than their other new item that we reviewed previously!

Over-all rating of Wendy’s Frosty-cino: 1.6

special note: according to Wendy’s site it does not list peanut products in the ingredients, so it should be safe for those with a peanut allergy (you may want to investigate further). 

have you tried one?  

did you like it?