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It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Sorry about that. 

Anyways, with Easter on the way, I wanted to post a quick tutorial! 

Altered Egg Box

  • You will need one of these totally adorable boxes, available from  They are very durable and have crisp & clean corners.  Very easy to alter….and very inexpensive! 
  • Next pick out your color/paper theme.  I have been LOOOOOOVING the “Lush” line.  I chose the brown and vintage turquoise. 
  • Gather your supplies:  Your choice of adhesives,  (my most favorite adhesive for these types of projects are by Xyron 510….and a little bit of double-sided tape, if need be), paper cutter, punches or knife (for cutting egg-holes), ribbon, embellishments, stamps.  You will also need some plastic eggs and your choice of filling.   
  • I chose to fill my eggs with yummy Easter chocolates, although you could use anything you like.  (I would love to find WHITE plastic eggs, but have yet to find them anywhere).
  • Once the eggs are finished, the fun embellishing can begin! 
  • I love to use wire ribbon…it’s so easy to make pretty bows and twirl the ends!!

That’s it!!  Such a quick, easy project, that looks fantastic!!! 

What are you making for Easter? 

lush lovelies & an altered VB envelope

I had bought some Vera Bradley products as gifts recently, and had received the receipts in an extra thick envelope.  Of course, being the scrapper that I am, I kept the envelope, thinking it would be perfect for a future project. 

So, for my mom’s birthday, I altered the envelope and made a card to go inside.

I made the card below using the new Lush line from My Mind’s Eye…..I love the vintage feel of the paper and embellishments!  The turquoise (blue) and the browns are my favorite!!! 

The beautiful brown flower was handmade by my MIL!! 


I made these ATCs for a “Stash Buster ATC Swap” over on 

The challenge was to choose 5 items from the list and use up some of your scrapbook stash.  I chose: buttons, bling, photo corners, pattern paper (bird/cloud) and flowers.  It didn’t really put a dent in my stash, but it was alot of fun to make. 

I love this stamp set….I got it for my birthday from 

Thanks for stopping by! 


Well, I survived my 40th birthday!  Whew! 

It was quite the birthday!!! 

I received some new stamp sets from, so I’ve been working on some cards. 

For these few cards, I used this set.

A good friend of mine had to say good-bye to her dog a few days ago.  Her dog was a loyal furry friend and will be greatly missed.  I made the card below for her, using another new set from papertreyink. 

That’s all for today.  Just a quick post. 

Time to refill my coffee cup. 

punch collage love (day 5)

Lately, I’ve been wanting to make a punch collage. 

Ali Edwards’ inspired me by her examples, here and here.  

I have a friend, who also turns 40 this week, so I thought I would make something special for her 40th. 

My spin on this project, instead of filling the entire frame with punches, I included a set of her favorite verses from Psalm 139.  I also alternated every other bird, using a 3D foam dot, to add some dimension to the page. 

Basically, other than the new frame, this was created simply using supplies from my scrap stash.  VERY EASY and VERY ADDICTIVE!  (I have all sorts of color combos and gift recipients in mind.)  It’s so versatile too!  You could use annnnny of your favorite punches, or even your favorite die cut machine. 

I haven’t given this to her yet, because we’ve been snowed-in….and I don’t think she visits my blog….so hopefully she will be surprised! 

Only 5 stinkin days till I turn 40!!!! 

craftiness all around me (day 6)

This little post is dedicated to the craftiness all around me! 

By that, I mean, friends & family that have recently given me handmade birthday gifts!!

Above is a scrapbook that my mom made for me!  She has never scrapbooked, but she put together this album for my 40th, so that I can fill it in with many photos and embellishments from my party.  She even admitted that she could see how scrapbooking could be addicting!!!!  (yes!) 

Below, is, of course, homemade chocolate biscotti from my SIL!  I have blogged about her biscotti many times.  It is FABULOUS!  She even altered an oatmeal container to store it in!  Way to go, Jan!   

A few weeks ago, I tried to learn how to crochet little scrapbooking flowers…and failed miserably. 

So, (probably out of pity–just kidding), my MIL and my nephew’s wife, Meagan, made me gobs of those little cuties!!! 

Lisa, my amazingly creative scrapper friend, made me a little mini album out of used gift cards!!!!!!!!  She included pictures of us, family pics and of course, Starbucks stuff!  Look at the cute little coffee cup paperclips that she bought on Etsy!  She even gave me a few with my gift!!!! 
Amazing craftiness all around me….such an inspiration!  Thanks everyone!!!! 

6 days till 40!  It’s getting closer! 

reverse mask (day 13)

I completed 2 double 12 x 12 layouts today. 

And I tried 2 new techniques. 

This one is a reverse mask.  

Instead of spraying (misting) over the die cut letters, I simply removed the letters and layed the entire page over my layout.  I moved the top page down slightly, so that there would be a stripe of mist across the top. 

As you can see in the picture below, I clipped the two sheets together so that it wouldn’t shift around. 

Above is the finished picture, once the top sheet was removed.  

Well, 13 days until I turn 40. 

No inspiring “lesson” to share with you today…lol…what was I thinking when I started at 40?! 


18th anniversary mini album (day 14)

Instead of a card, I made this mini album for my hubby…today we celebrate our 18th anniversary! 
Above left, are our senior pictures…1988/1989. 

The right page is a picture of us at my senior banquet.  I went to a Christian high school, so we didn’t have prom… 

Below, right are 2 pictures from when we were dating…

Above is a picture of us on our 1st anniversary, (1993).  We went to Red Lobster and then to see the movie “Matinee”…remember that movie?? 

Below is the actual computer-printed card that I gave to him on our 1st anniversary…I swiped it out of an old album that I had made.  Remember those awful albums where you pulled the clear cover up and stuck the picture to the sticky page?  I have many of those from the “early years” of my scrapbooking. 

Below left is a picture from our 1 month anniversary. 

Below right is a picture of us from our 1st Easter, as a married couple….matching shirts!  yikes! 

Above are 2 pictures of me when I was pregnant.  (1993/1994) 
These few pictures were some of us over the last few years. 

I used my vintage typewriter for the journaling.  Some of the embellishments were cut on my Cricut Expression, (like this “kiss me”). 

(Side note:  I tried to learn how to crochet these flowers–seen above–over the weekend, and failed miserably!  Guess I will keep buying them at my LSS.) 
I love to give mini albums instead of cards. 

Although I do enjoy making/giving cards, I really enjoy making mini albums as gifts.  Minis are so fun & the options are endless! 

The “hubs” took the day off to spend alone with me.  I love that.  I love having him beside me as we carry on the tasks of the day.  We ate lunch out, at our favorite Olive Garden….although, it wasn’t our typical good meal.  It was freeeeezing in there.  A blower directly above our table.  Ate most of my lunch with my winter coat on.  (Bonus, my sister gave us at $25 gift card to O.G. for our anniversary!!!)  We were cold, but the food was yummy. 

We also made a trip to Starbucks…had a GC from there too, leftover from Christmas from my son…so we got to enjoy our favorite drinks…thanks Nick! 

Other than that, we did a little of this & a little of that.  

So far it’s been a good day!  


The 2 of us. 

This evening we will spend as a family.  Maybe do something fun for dinner.  Just enjoy being together. 

Happy Anniversary, honey!  I love you! 

on your heart (day 18)

Ever wake up in the middle of the night and instantly someone comes to your mind, but you don’t understand why? 

I believe that God has placed that person on your heart

What do I mean? 

I feel that it is a call to prayer. 

To action. 

God has placed that person on your heart, so that you can remember them in prayer. 

Maybe even send them a card in the mail, (or email or text). 

Or bake some cookies for them. 

Just to let them know YOU were thinking about THEM. 

Maybe they need encouraged. 

Maybe they are going through something and they feel all alone. 

They need to know they are loved

They need to feel God’s love…..maybe THROUGH YOU!  

I encourage you, the next time someone comes to your mind, out-of-the-blue, 

stop & whisper a prayer for them. 

You don’t need to know the details.  God already knows. 

Today I baked some cookies.  Snickerdoodles.  (My hubby’s favorite.) 

Plus God had placed someone on my heart that was having some physical problems, so I thought that maybe some homemade cookies would help sweeten their day. 

Here’s the yummy recipe for Betty Crocker Snickerdoodles

This is the recipe, plus my timing for using baking stones instead of cookie sheets: 


  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter or margarine, softened
  • 1/2 cup shortening
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 3/4 cups all-purpose/unbleached flour
  • 2 tsp. cream of tartar
  • 1 tsp. baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp. salt
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 2 tsp. ground cinnamon


  1. Heat oven to 400′.
  2. Mix 1 1/2 cups sugar, the butter, shortening and eggs in a large bowl. 
  3. Stir in flour, cream of tartar, baking soda and salt. 
  4. Shape dough into 1 1/4inch balls. 
  5. Mix 1/4 cup sugar and the cinnamon. 
  6. Roll balls in cinnamon-sugar mixture.  Place 2 inches apart on baking stone (or ungreased cookie sheet). 
  7. First batch (on cold stone) bake 12 minutes, removing from oven and allow them to rest on stone for another 3-4  minutes.  Then move to wire rack.
  8. Remaining batches (on warm stone) bake 10 minutes, removing from oven and allow them to rest on stone for another 2 minutes.  Then move to wire rack. 
  9. (Using cookie sheet, bake 8-10 minutes or until set.  Then move to wire rack.)

Yields: approx. 48 cookies 

*These cookies are peanut-free. 

Above is an altered clipboard that I made.  It can be used to display a favorite photo or a t0-do list.
I love wrapping homemade goodies in pretty cellophane.  I also made this tag to match the card & clipboard. 

Below is the finished “Warm Winter Wishes” set. 

Only 18 days till 40!